Kryptonite Radio Theater (formerly known as “The Wiesbaden Radio Players”) was formed in late 2010 and landed an instant hit with its production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. By the use of live sound effects and tight musical scores the group is dedicated to bringing “The Golden Age” of radio to the stage. The audience is invited to enjoy the immediate experience of watching a radio drama being performed live in front of them - or they may lean back, close their eyes and let the KRT take them to different times and strange places...
Mat Braun  Mat is the director/producer of the KRT. He has worked with various English theaters in the Rhein-Main region since 1996.
Anna Gardner Founding member and in charge of anything “visual” at the KRT. She has her own shop for vintage clothing in Wiesbaden.
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I like doing radio because it's so intimate. The moment people hear your voice, you're inside there heads, not only that, you're in there laying eggs.                                                            Doug Coupland